March 12, 2006

Just another crazy sunday

Well just another busy day for us! I got lucky and was able to sleep in till around 9am..thank goodness I had stayed up WAY too late last night chatting with a 330am late! Good thing that the boys are getting old enough that they don't bounce out of bed before the sunrises! Riley is fighting a cold so he came and slept with me a bit. Jarod was happy as a clam playing his backyard baseball/soccer game I bought him as a early birthday present yesterday. We just stayed in our jammies till around noontime. We pass on bad!...I have been running around so much lately that I haven't gotten the laundry done and the house really needed picking up...and dishes done. Gosh how I hate doing the dishes! Anyways, today was the award ceremony for basketball for Jarod. It started at 2pm at the high school. I knew we would need to get there early to get decent seats. I am still amazed at how big the gym is here!!! There are like 3000 kids that go to the high school because it takes students from over 3 or 4 towns. Way bigger than what I went to in high school...who'da thought!? Anyways Riley didn't get a nap so naturally about a hour into the ceremony he was getting pretty grumpy. We finally got home around 4-43opm. I had Riley take a short nap (and so did I) becasue we had to be at [url=]Grace Church[/url] around 530pm so I could work the nursery. Riley was one grumpy kid but he hung with me. Now its back to laundry and Greys Anatomy. I need to get motivated on finishing cards for the card swap I am in. I am such a procrastinator!

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Amy said...

Heather we had a "jammie day" yesterday, oh and I hear ya on hating the dishes. I have a sink full right now that I *should* be attending too but can't quite bring myself to do it.