March 18, 2006

It's a bowling birthday bash...

And sad to say....the birthday boy was sick! I felt so bad for Jarod! What a day to be sick...but in true Jarod fashion he was a trooper and had a good time. Riley was funny with the cake ..." I'm just LOOKING at it" he tells me with a bit of frosting between his teeth because he "looked" a little too closely. All the kids had a great time!!! In typical fashion I spent way more than I wanted too!! Told myself this year I would "cut back some"....lets see $36 in bowling $12 for shoes, $18.37 for drinks, $30 for the cake, $50 at good ol' Hobby Lobby for shirts and favors for 6 kids....memories for Jarod Priceless :) Maybe I would have been better off paying the $10 per kid price birthday party the bowling alley does.....HECK NO!!! The shirts are always a huge hit with the kids and the parents. Riley was sooo exicited because he got to come this year...and got a shirt too.
I have been taking a lot of random pics lately "just cause". I am proud to say that I am in a lot more pics than I have been. I am mastering the holding the camera in front of you and say cheese way of taking a pic. I actually love all the different angles and stuff that comes out. tired bee here..Church in the mornign possibly if Jarod is up to it. He has perfect attendence at school so far. He is trying hard to go all year. Report cards came home Friday too....all A's 2 B's and only 1 C...which is citizenship and one lil' boy that talks a bit too much....Can't say too much to him because I was guilty of the same thing :)


Radona said...

sounds like a great party! we are having a bowling party next saturday for our ds! fun stuff!

Amy said...

Heather I'm so glad the party went well, and Jarod is such a trooper (hope he feels better soon). Um, and yeah you can't blame the kid for chatting genes he got from you LOL!!!