September 3, 2007

Another layout......

Originally uploaded by bizzybmama
for my Shimelle Class. I haven't done one for yesterday because I was debating about a picture I took. It's kind of blurry because I snuck the shot on the sly of the boys. I am going to go ahead and use it but hide the pic for the most part. Jarod will most likely disown me if he knows I did this but one days his kids will get a huge chuckle out of it!! Isn't laughter one of the greatest gifts you can share with those you love ;)

It's a beautiful day....the boys are out playing and I am inside creating!


terri (mikineko) said...

Love your lo! I need to get started, I'm behind already (hanging my head in shame).

CandaceHNC said...

Heather, your Shimelle layouts are great (what a cute paper flower...)!!

WriterGirl said...

wow, that LO is sooo cute!!! awesome!

noelmignon said...

I agree...the LO is great! I am new to WT and I'm finding some great blog links there! I see you have 2 little boys. I have 3, so I know what you mean when you say they are the best thing next to sliced's love their guys!

See you around.