September 4, 2008

some days life just sucks!!

So I started our day off yesterday by accidently running one of the kittens over! I felt just terrible!! We tried to get her to the vet in time but she was just hurt too much. I am trying to tell myself it was a bit of a blessing that she didn't suffer very long and at least she wasn't alone but it still totally sucks!! I feel just horrible over this happening and then having my sons be there to witness it made it 20,000 times worse. Needless to say J was really upset by it. To top it off when I picked them up from daycare he was not feeling good. Last night he had a high fever and slept the night thru but was complaining of his body aching and a sore throat. Poor kid!! He never gets sick....last time was like 3 yrs ago!!! So today he is in bed getting lots of love and medicine to help him feel better. Still has a bit of a fever. He rates his sore throat a 3 on a scale of 1 to 4. Ry will be getting ready for Kindergarten soon. That kid is loving school which is sooo good to see. I think I will get some laundry finished and the house picked up while playing nursemaid. Everyone is in the house safe and secure. It's a gloomy muggy day. We are supposed to get rain and I really hope we do. The air is just so stale and still. We need the rain to clean the air out some and provide a nice fresh breeze.

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pink said...

I'm sorry Heather!!! I hope today is a better day for all of you.