November 30, 2008

One of my favorites..

We put up the tree this weekend along with the spiral trees outside and lights in the windows. One of my favorite things during the holiday season is sitting in my living room with all the lights off and just have the twinkle of the tree and outside lights. There is something that is just so magical about this setting. You can't help but get in the holiday spirt when there is the twinkle of these pretty lil' lights. This year I went along with the boys and did the multicolor lights on the tree. I love the white lights it just makes everything seem a bit more cozy having the white lights. I admit I had a hard time embracing the multi colors. I think some of it had to do with the fact that I got a few new things for decorations. I found a pretty cream velvetly skirt with gold trim, matching ribbons, ornaments along with some pretty red and gold ornaments. I put the new skirt under the tree but I just wasn't digging it with the multi lights. So my new stuff went back into the box in hopes of coming out next year. I think I need to get a skirt for multi lights and one for white lights. There is a different in the ambience you get with the color lights you choose. Tonight I am loving our little tree and all the pretty lights twinkling. I am also even happier that there is not cat climbing up the tree....Yes we have had quite a problem with that this year. Not only climbing the tree but also trying to nibble on the lights. Never a dull moment thats for sure ;)

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*~Annette~* said...

Boys love all the colors, don't they? I'm with you though. WHITE. Cozy. Happy.