December 3, 2008

My favorite time of the year....

I love this time of year. Something about having your tree up with all the colorful lights just makes you day a little more happier. We all love sitting in the living room with only the lights from the tree and the ones outside on. It just makes for such a happy cozy area. I would love to have them year round!
I tried to get a few pics of the boys and the rest of our crew. I wanted to have the flash off so that it would give that warm cozy glow to it. Well wasn't happening. I just ended up with a bunch of fuzzy out of focus pictures. I really hope Santa brings me a tripod for christmas. I would then run out and get me a remote. I would be set then!!! Even with the pics fuzzy and out of focus I still love these ones. It just makes me happy seeing the boys having fun with it. Also pretty soon the boys will outgrow the tree. I definately have to get a new tree...a bigger one!! this lil' skinny 6' isn't cutting it! As you can see ....I will be surpised if it even makes it this year. We have a new lil' addition and well....HE LOVES climbing in the tree! It is a constant battle with him. The poor star is all lopsided and crooked from all the shaking the poor tree is getting. I think come christmas our tree is going to resemble the one Charlie Brown had.

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