February 11, 2009

keep it up....

with my 365 project....can't say that I have been sharing the love with my blog though. it's not like i have this huge following and anyone misses my not posting. i have been having fun with the 365 project and i must say...the last few days i have gotten some shots that totally surprised me. i finally ordered a new camera bag so i hope that will help in taking my camera more. i also got me a new camera strap too....looking forward to that..Oh and a remote for my camera as well so i can get in a shot now and then. next on the list a 50mm lens, sb400 speedlite and a tripod and i will be set! good thing my birthday is coming up in a few months.

the snow has melted but now i hear the rain falling. we have a storm coming thru tonight/tomorrow. at least its warm (50's) and not the negatives we had a few weeks ago.

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