February 16, 2009


on facebook and have been having fun with both the last day or two. I have discovered familiar faces from high school! Wow amazing how some people don't change that much and others... a lot! no work tomorrow...whooo hooo!! tonight i pulled some pics and paper and did a layout! whoaaa thats a first. I need to work on the journalling bits for my 365 album but i am darn near out of ink for my printer. i hate to get started and then run out...that would really suck! need to wait until next weekend to get more ink. i have been debating if i want to get a new printer or just use what i have. the idea of possibly printing pics at home more has me thinking of getting a new printer. still debating it. i most likely will just keep what i got and print those other than 4x6 prints at walgreens like i've been doing.

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