March 22, 2009


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here he is right after the game...all hot & sweaty ;)
After several long dedicated months Jarod scored his first goal on the travel team yesterday at 925am! OMG!! I was soo excited....He was sooo excited! In the last few weeks he has gotten sooo close to scoring only to just miss not anymore! I was on cloud nine that I got to see it!! I only wish was it was outside rather than in so I could have caught it on film(had to make do with the camera on my phone). With being indoors the nets are up all along the sidelines so it makes take decent pictures next to impossible...that and the really poor lighting. I just loved seeing him jump for joy and running towards his teammates for high fives!

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Anonymous said...

Heather I don't reply often to your posts but I love reading them. They always make me smile. You have a wonderful family and are raising two awesome boys!