March 29, 2009

A day spent creating

The weather may not have felt like spring outside but I finally got a chance to sit and play with some of my new stamps and also my big shot. I had such fun today doing this. I don't do it enough. I find myself feeling guilty for spending the day just playing with my craft goodies. I haven't scrapped in awhile....I think I am a bit burned out and needed to work with something new. So Stampin' Up stamps has been where I have been headed. I love the idea of making little goodies to share with others. I know I will make more stuf than I need but heck it so much fun.
I have NOT been good with my 365....What really holds me up is that I hate taking my nikon with me. It definitely isn't a small pocket size camera. Makes me really miss my little canon powershot. I have taken some pics with my camera phone. It takes pretty decent pictures suprisingly. I just have to develop them the size of a wallet other wise they quality isn't nearly as good. I did pull out the camera last weekend and take some "action" shots of Riley. I love the 'blur" I created with them. Certainly not the best quality but I still like the effect.
Only have to make it thru 2 days this next week and then I am off on vacation! The boys and I want to try and get to the build for Extreme Home Makeover that is going on on the east side. Jarod was really excited about the idea of doing it. Hopefully we can get in on the action. Other than that we are playing it by ear. It's been a long time since I had a vacation. It will be good to just relax and do whatever we want with no hurry or time table to be someplace. Soccer has had us running around the last few weeks and it's not letting up anytime soon. We have one more indoor game this coming Saturday and then we start travel spring play the week following. Oh.....Jarod finally scored his first travel league goal last Saturday. He was soooooooooo excited!!!!!!! Made having to get up and be there at 830am on a Saturday totally worth it!!
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Anonymous said...

very good.

Lyn said...

Awesome cards Heather! And those little scallopp envelope boxes are SO cute!! I'm probably going to case your little thank you card! LOL
Have fun playing this week. YOU deserve it!

Trish said...

Heather--I hope you're basking in the glow of vacation right about now. :) Love the cards--they're BEAUTIFUL--hope to see more!! Send those creative juices my way, will ya? Have fun this week with your plans/non plans...