April 11, 2009


The spring season of soccer started today!!! Ironically it began on the fields we leftleft the fall season at last November. Best part though is that we are starting our season on a totally different foot!!!! A 9-2 WIN!!!....Not only that but Jarod SCORED TWO GOALS!!! It was an awesome game and what a way to start the season! The team looked fantastic, they played an awesome game. Great offense and even better defense. They really came out and PLAYED!!! It is such a great thing to see them all come together as a team and play!

By the time we got home from the game is was already going on 5 after I spent some time sweeping out the garage and cleaning up the dryer. Started the morning to a dryer that decided not to work even though it was working like a champ the night before. Naturally this happened only because I got most of the boys clothes washed and dried last night but didn't hardly touch any of mine for work. Should make for interesting choices Monday for work. Super Grandpa came out to look at it and found the problem. Only bummer....won't be fixed until Monday. Shucks....might have to wear jeans to work ;)

Later on the boys got busy with coloring the eggs. We do it the old school way of just dippin' in colors. Did try to tie dye a few ...rubber bands we had were a bit too thick. I grabbed some letter stickers and we spelled our names on a few. Those turned out cute. Jarod was able to make a few two toned. Riley loves to dip and retreive. We even made a golden's still drying but should be ready for the Easter Bunny to hide. I made some bags of candy coated popcorn to share with neighbors.

A fun filled day....VERY BUSY....I am exhausted...the house is in disarry in some rooms...mainly my bedroom. One day I am going to have a few hours to work on getting it back in order so that I might possibly do some crafting. I sure hope soon! I might have to take a day off work while the boys are still in school so that I can find the time to do it. With summer coming I have a feeling things are just going to get busier!
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