January 24, 2010

Cover story

I am trying to tackle the weekly gratitude project. Something to be thankful for every week really isn't a hard thing to do. I have always been a person that finds something to be grateful for because I know there are many of people in the world that have challenges and troubles far worse than my own.

I really love the way my cover turned out. I worked on it last week but didn't get around to taking a photo of it until today. I wanted to do it during the day so I could get some daylight on it. Today is a cloudy overcast day but I think the picture does it justice. I love the colors I chose. Lately I have been really drawn to this combo of colors. Might have to find a way to incorporate these shade maybe in my living room. I have reds, yellows and brown. Why not throw a punch of this pretty blue!

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Michele said...

That is a really pretty cover Heather. I wanted to do this project but I never have time btwn work and school. And I'm planning on signing Michael up for soccer this year so I'll be adding soccer mom to my list of job titles this